Nightmare is over…

21 08 2008

Actually, im already sick with the “blardy” CRT in my office for quite some time. The radiation there is beyond what you can imagine, it does make you feels like sitting in a roller coaster for uncountable hours and will puke your lunch out anytime. Yet, the company of the monitor, which is “Prolink” still dares to state there “LOW RADIATION” and whatever shit. Stop bull crap pls!!! FYI, your products are in the top ranking of our rma list…

After considering and reconsider again, i plan to talk in private with 1 of my colleague. Later on, he spread it out for discussion regarding to this issue and we did have a short video conferencing to discuss about this matter… Guess what? 1 hour later, i got this msn message from my boss…

(Quoted from MSN)

NG: Hi, there?

NG: I received from Kin (my colleague emailed him)…

NG: Its ok… Is 19″ ok for u..?

Got what he mean? He is willing to get a new 19″ Inch wide screen for me in my work place. Thats awesome.. So swt of him. ><” Of course, after getting something from him and i have 2 give him back something in return. I try my best to serve him better lo. Put more effort on it since in the mean time there is ntg much i can do regarding to my studies.

Oh ya, before that, i do think about how if i answered “How about a 22?” .. lol. We do have 22″ as well… But better dont la… My mum taught me something when i was young which i’ve used it to apply in this situation. The word “enough” (translate to cantonese / chinese pls). =D.   haha.. 19″ serves me well and i can do my job in a wider screen and more convenient compare to previously that i need to keep maximize and minimize the applications which i use frequently.

Credits for Kevin, David, Chan and whoever helped me in getting this… Thank you so much. I’ll help u to achieve Rm60k .. Dont worry.



Good Bye Apple, Hello Sony!!

14 08 2008

Due to some circumstances, i have to give up of becoming the owner of my Iphone. After 2 months and 2 weeks of being together and its time that I have to put a full stop on it. Its indeed the best gadget that i ever had but sadly, i dont own it for more than 3 months. Perhaps im getting another 1 in US for the pricing of $199 with subscription to AT&T, only if i can reach there successfully in end of DEC. But heck, SONY is not that bad either. As long as it serve the purpose then can lo, sufficient battery life, calls, sms, access internet with 3G when there is an emergency. Nowadays, im no more fancy of those gadgets as previous anymore. But 1 thing for sure, im still fancy of liquor.. Wooohoo..^^.



6 08 2008

This morning, my little hamster gave me a little surprise and “cheer” me up in the morning. When i was on my way to work, i found out that the door of the cage is open. Im so worried and keep on telling myself that he is still there while im peeping from the outside of the cage.  After 10 sec of searching and discovering, a disappointed result. He is no more inside the cage…..

The 1 that my whole house use to love the most, the 1 that had accompany us for almost a yr, the 1 that is most adorable, left us w/o saying goodbye. sob…. We will always remember u… Good bye and take care my lovely 1.


Sexy fruits..

5 08 2008

Have u ever wonder how sexy a fruit can be? Wait until u see these. Enjoy. 😉



3 08 2008

Its 5.12am rite now.. For ordinary people, they should have sleeping tight with their beloved bolster and pillow instead of writing blog here.. LOL.. Perhaps, im categorized as inordinate person. Great man comes with great responsibility, huh? WINK!!!

Recently, my mood keep swinging, it just like in this moment, i can laugh and joke all the way but probably in the next min i might have change to angry HULK. EMO , EMO!!! Sometimes i really agree that i have O in eq. Nil, Nothing… I totally cant control it at all. Any sifus out there can transfer their super energy to me and guide me through the way of controlling my emotions? C’mon, im dying if im keep being a person like that. Sad. =(

Was lying on the bed flashing back what i’ve done in this 3 years in Subang. Study, Drink, Dance, Game, Work, Spend, Broke…. -.-” I really do agree that im a FAILURE!!! I phailed… Damn it, I PHAILED!!!!!

People at my age is going to graduate soon… ME? Die lo, self declared graduate and working lo, what else? People earning Rm3k for fresh graduate, me? Tiu again lo, Rm1.8k. In my life, i fail badly… Im such a failure…

My gf was always there squeezing her brain juice until the max just to cheer me up but as usual, my brain will automatically switch to autopilot mode, which is to ignore her. What a lousy bf i am. I fail again… =.=” Seems like in this 21 yrs, i never success in doing anything instead of failing badly. Pathetic..!!!!!


Unbelievable move !!!!

2 08 2008

The entire idea has been going through my mind for quite some time which i suppose to be jammed there for at least 2 months. Deciding on starting a blog is really a hard decision to make… Why? Basically, its about the purpose of blogging. What is the point for showing out your daily life to the people out there who can access your so-call electronic diary by just connecting a wire? Showing off that how great is your life? How sexy can you be? Btw, until now i still cant figure out the purpose of me following the others of getting 1 of this for my own….

For those who knows me well, probably started to think about what has gone wrong with this dude when u people out there pointing your mouse at the address bar and typing the website add. lol.

ANYTHING LAAAAAAAAA!!!!! (quoted from Vincent) haha… ;D