Unbelievable move !!!!

2 08 2008

The entire idea has been going through my mind for quite some time which i suppose to be jammed there for at least 2 months. Deciding on starting a blog is really a hard decision to make… Why? Basically, its about the purpose of blogging. What is the point for showing out your daily life to the people out there who can access your so-call electronic diary by just connecting a wire? Showing off that how great is your life? How sexy can you be? Btw, until now i still cant figure out the purpose of me following the others of getting 1 of this for my own….

For those who knows me well, probably started to think about what has gone wrong with this dude when u people out there pointing your mouse at the address bar and typing the website add. lol.

ANYTHING LAAAAAAAAA!!!!! (quoted from Vincent) haha… ;D





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