6 08 2008

This morning, my little hamster gave me a little surprise and “cheer” me up in the morning. When i was on my way to work, i found out that the door of the cage is open. Im so worried and keep on telling myself that he is still there while im peeping from the outside of the cage.  After 10 sec of searching and discovering, a disappointed result. He is no more inside the cage…..

The 1 that my whole house use to love the most, the 1 that had accompany us for almost a yr, the 1 that is most adorable, left us w/o saying goodbye. sob…. We will always remember u… Good bye and take care my lovely 1.





2 responses

7 08 2008

pity my darling… i thought u catch it bek last time da cage was open. u said it was in front of ur room door. The noti hamster open the cage again? aih…

7 08 2008

Don’t sad la, Buy again lo ^^

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