Nightmare is over…

21 08 2008

Actually, im already sick with the “blardy” CRT in my office for quite some time. The radiation there is beyond what you can imagine, it does make you feels like sitting in a roller coaster for uncountable hours and will puke your lunch out anytime. Yet, the company of the monitor, which is “Prolink” still dares to state there “LOW RADIATION” and whatever shit. Stop bull crap pls!!! FYI, your products are in the top ranking of our rma list…

After considering and reconsider again, i plan to talk in private with 1 of my colleague. Later on, he spread it out for discussion regarding to this issue and we did have a short video conferencing to discuss about this matter… Guess what? 1 hour later, i got this msn message from my boss…

(Quoted from MSN)

NG: Hi, there?

NG: I received from Kin (my colleague emailed him)…

NG: Its ok… Is 19″ ok for u..?

Got what he mean? He is willing to get a new 19″ Inch wide screen for me in my work place. Thats awesome.. So swt of him. ><” Of course, after getting something from him and i have 2 give him back something in return. I try my best to serve him better lo. Put more effort on it since in the mean time there is ntg much i can do regarding to my studies.

Oh ya, before that, i do think about how if i answered “How about a 22?” .. lol. We do have 22″ as well… But better dont la… My mum taught me something when i was young which i’ve used it to apply in this situation. The word “enough” (translate to cantonese / chinese pls). =D.   haha.. 19″ serves me well and i can do my job in a wider screen and more convenient compare to previously that i need to keep maximize and minimize the applications which i use frequently.

Credits for Kevin, David, Chan and whoever helped me in getting this… Thank you so much. I’ll help u to achieve Rm60k .. Dont worry.





7 responses

22 08 2008

walau… until u can puke ur lunch out anytime?? yau mou kua jiong di ah?? but then i tot radiation from CRTs is generally perceived to be not harmful wan? perceived to be not harmful la, in truth harmful onot jau dono la… u’re da expert…

23 08 2008

Ya lor. Sounds abit kua jeong la.. haha.. But reaching that level already..haha.. But dont care la, Now 19″ rocks..

1 10 2008

blog ni dah kaku dahh….

6 10 2008

really dead kaku dahh……

6 10 2008

Not totally yet. Holiday 1 month only… lol.. I’ll be back soon…. =D

6 10 2008

dude.. its been 1month ++ adi lo.. reaching 2 months since u posted sumting here….. KAKUUUUUUUUUU!!!! LOL

6 10 2008

Ya… Around there. But i would like to remind u… I’LL BE BACK!!!! =)

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