Delayed April Fool? ~

30 10 2008

As usual for every day’s routine, after brush up and have my clothes on, coffee’s ready on my table and starts to read through all the emails. Once i logged in to my email acc, spotted an email from Wichita State University. Content as below.

DATE: October 28, 2008

TO: Yee, Tuck Fei

WSU ID NUMBER: X10459742


This is an automated e-mail message from Wichita State University. We wanted to let you know that we recently received something from you.


Application Fee of $50 (check)
Application Materials



What can we conclude from here? I really have no idea at all. Godbless.



Im so FUCK Up !!~~~

29 10 2008

Due to my impatience, finally i cant stand it anymore and did a move on Sun which is to send an email to my UNI regarding on my application status. As they shows clearly on their site, whenever they received any application from international students, their computer system will automatically generates an email to inform the students.


But after 2 weeks, im still not receiving any from them and i started to worried. So, im finally made the move. This is what i sent them.





Dear Sir / Madam, Greetings from Malaysia, this is TUCK FEI, YEE, an applicant for the coming Spring Intake. For your information, I have already sent my application details to Wichita State University on 7th Oct from Malaysia and should be reaching Wichita State University on 10 – 12th October. Base on the website, upon receiving application from students, students are entitled to receive an email regarding on the application received from University. But today is already 27th Oct, and Im still not receiving any email from Sir / Madam. Im quite worried here on the status of my application. Hope that Sir / Madam can assist me on this matter.


Thank you.



Tuck Fei, Yee


Then i just received an email 2 hours ago. This is what they reply.



Dear Student,


I do not show that we have received any documents from you as of this time. You WILL receive an automated e-mail message when your documents arrive and are entered into our reporting system.



Means what? Only 2 reasons and judgement can be made here. Either INTI missed my application, or the courier lose it.


IM SO FUCKED UP RITE NOW!!!!!!! Oh ya, my ipod just hanged when i was on the treadmill. I have to wait it to finish draining each and every drop of the power in it before i can on it back. God bless. =)





22 10 2008


“A virtual private network (VPN) is a computer network in which some of the links between nodes are carried by open connections or virtual circuits in some larger network (e.g., the Internet) instead of by physical wires. The link-layer protocols of the virtual network are said to be tunneled through the larger network when this is the case. One common application is secure communications through the public Internet, but a VPN need not have explicit security features, such as authentication or content encryption. VPNs, for example, can be used to separate the traffic of different user communities over an underlying network with strong security features.”

Alrite, there are too many jargons and perhaps u still doesnt understand with it. In a much better and more simple way of explaining, its actually a protocol which allows u to connect remotely from another pc to another server, no matter where you are and as long as there are internet available.

Back to the topic, recently as u know from my previous entry that im quite boring and most of my free time is contributed to movie session. In order to have loads of movie, internet connection have 2 be fast enough. But as usual, TMNET ma, how fast can they go? If i compare them with kancil, the kancil is even way better than them. Just imagine how bad are they. HOPELESS~~ Therefore, it leads me to subscribe to VPN service for Rm45 per month, which allows me to connect to the server which is based in Europe to dl my favourite movies / dramas from all over the world. Honestly, this Rm45 worth every cents. If im hardcore enough, each day, i can dl at least 10 – 12GB of movies. Dont believe? Read on!!!

Basically, this is how it works. From your browser, key in the site of the VPN. Then it will eventually comes out a screen which have exactly the same thing as Utorrent. U know Utorrent? -.-” I think u are lost. Alrite, a picture worth a thousand words. Have a look at the screenshot on btm.


Try to locate the word “DL”. It show 1.2mb/s. Means it is downloading at 1200kilobytes per second. If we are comparing this speed with TM; for a normal drama 300mb, it takes around a day to finish dl, as the average speed of it is around 15kb/s. So if u manage to get the speed of 25 – 30kb/s, u should be celebrating it. =) Have a rough idea on how many times of the speed of others country compare to us? 1200/15 = 80. WELCOME TO MALAYSIA. How the F**K u want me to say it out LOAD “SAYA CINTA MALAYSIA” sincerely? IN YOUR DREAM K? =D

Btw, this VPN really rocks my world. Nowadays for action movies, im going for high definition files like blu-ray. Ever heard about it? Yea, its blu-ray damn it. 1 movie file is about 8gb. Yea, that sounds crazy but come and have a seat in front of my comp, i bet u never wana revert back to 700mb movie. Dont believe? Just drop by at my place and i spend u a cup of coffee. =D


Chick’s flick ~

19 10 2008

U must be surprise about the title up there and starts to wondering what does that matters to me as Kenneth use to be someone who is “man” WINK ~ . Yes indeed, but im well-known as an emo guy as well. U will know that if u know me well. Alright, back to the topic here and stop beating around the bush. Recently, im indulge on a chick’s flick, “Xoxo Gossip Girl”. HOLY COW!!!!!!! Kenneth watch Gossip Girl? U must be kidding me, No im not!! Honestly, i enjoy watching it.

After watching it, i recall that i never did any romantic / geli or whatever u name it to my gf before except for 1 time, which i will still remain to keep it as secret. Perhaps, i’ll drop it down sometime later when i think its ready to publish public. lol. Apparently, i learned something new from there and might use it to surprise her since i never did anything great within these 5 years. Im a dull bf which i do strongly agree with it as i dont have any great ideas on how to impress someone. Yea, im such a loser.  =( Hopefully it is still not too late yet.


Continue from the Break ~

14 10 2008

Its has been quite some time that i didn’t update my blog here. Ya, i do know about that, its about 2 months rite? Busy + lazy ma.. haha. After some time, here i m to write a new entry again. Yet, there is 1 fellow out there whom keep nagging and nagging that my blog is frozen… kaku wo.. Lol!! U know who you are, and hell ya, let me tell u what… IM BACK!!!! ^^

There are plenty of things happen recently and im quite lazy to type everything out as its really way too long to type it out in just 1 entry. Perhaps i’ll update it in the future. In these 2 months, i finally realize that why do human needs companion to keep themselves on the track and keep moving forward in their coming life. In a easy way of explaining, w/o companion or friends, your routine life is endless and you are keep repeating doing the same old shit on the next day which u already did yesterday. Just observes and brain storm for a while with what u see in the below diagram.

Just try to imagine that u are going through this kind of life everyday after u graduate. Friends are not always around u and u are alone. Pathetic huh? Yes, totally agree with my hands and legs up. Im in this situation now but with self – declared graduate status =(. Most of my friends left to UK & US. Of course there are always some left over which are located within the PJ area. But when the public transport thingy comes to my mind, i rather stays at home and enjoy my movie session with my pop corn ready. LOL. U know our MIGHTY public transport lo. Our government are PROUD of it wert. LMAO.


Im wondering how if the menteri-menteri out there taking bus instead of using their so-call “MAINTENANCE MURAH MERCEDES” to work for a week? Godspeed. =D

Gratefully that my funds / money / tuition fee, whatever u name it, had arrived!!! Its my time now to leave this damn country and continue pursuing my Degree. Yay, im 1 step closer to my goal. That day, i received an email which notifies me that my application was rejected due to lacking of 0.05 cgpa to meet the min requirement of entering the UNI. When i saw that, i feel like smashing the monitor which stand rite in front of me. But, luckily i did managed to control myself and ntg happen. Yes, indeed i was very disappointed that time, because most of the UNI application has already due and not many choices left for me 2 apply. Besides, i still need to check the accreditation of the UNI as well just because im in the engineering field. TIU! Its damn freaking mafan.

Few days later, manage to call up my advisor in INTI and they recommended me to a UNI call Wichita located in KANSAS city, which has almost reaching the due date and i have 2 be hurry in order to apply. According to them, its not a wise move for me if i stays in INTI 1 more sem just to fix my GPA. As i can only take 2-3 more subjects and im done. So they suggested me to go there 1st and transfer to the UNI that i wish to apply later. Therefore, i did exactly what they told me. Settle everything in 1 day and everything cost me Rm250 again. USD gone up to 3.5 now when i apply UNi and they even reach 3.2 when im not applying. My TOEFL expired 10 days before i apply this UNI which means, i need to retake it again. $150 x 3.5 = 525. MCB KNN!!! Have 2 pay again just because of that 10 days. -.- Later if accepted, have 2 pay about 300usd to secure the seats and apply visa. TING!!!! Im freaking broke….

Now what? Sent application on last tues and waiting for reply lo. If reject again, then im really in deep shit already. But 1thing is, im quite confident about this. Hopefully everything can go smoothly. U may pray for me if u think its needed. =)