Chick’s flick ~

19 10 2008

U must be surprise about the title up there and starts to wondering what does that matters to me as Kenneth use to be someone who is “man” WINK ~ . Yes indeed, but im well-known as an emo guy as well. U will know that if u know me well. Alright, back to the topic here and stop beating around the bush. Recently, im indulge on a chick’s flick, “Xoxo Gossip Girl”. HOLY COW!!!!!!! Kenneth watch Gossip Girl? U must be kidding me, No im not!! Honestly, i enjoy watching it.

After watching it, i recall that i never did any romantic / geli or whatever u name it to my gf before except for 1 time, which i will still remain to keep it as secret. Perhaps, i’ll drop it down sometime later when i think its ready to publish public. lol. Apparently, i learned something new from there and might use it to surprise her since i never did anything great within these 5 years. Im a dull bf which i do strongly agree with it as i dont have any great ideas on how to impress someone. Yea, im such a loser.  =( Hopefully it is still not too late yet.





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19 10 2008

pussy boy…. lol

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