Im so FUCK Up !!~~~

29 10 2008

Due to my impatience, finally i cant stand it anymore and did a move on Sun which is to send an email to my UNI regarding on my application status. As they shows clearly on their site, whenever they received any application from international students, their computer system will automatically generates an email to inform the students.


But after 2 weeks, im still not receiving any from them and i started to worried. So, im finally made the move. This is what i sent them.





Dear Sir / Madam, Greetings from Malaysia, this is TUCK FEI, YEE, an applicant for the coming Spring Intake. For your information, I have already sent my application details to Wichita State University on 7th Oct from Malaysia and should be reaching Wichita State University on 10 – 12th October. Base on the website, upon receiving application from students, students are entitled to receive an email regarding on the application received from University. But today is already 27th Oct, and Im still not receiving any email from Sir / Madam. Im quite worried here on the status of my application. Hope that Sir / Madam can assist me on this matter.


Thank you.



Tuck Fei, Yee


Then i just received an email 2 hours ago. This is what they reply.



Dear Student,


I do not show that we have received any documents from you as of this time. You WILL receive an automated e-mail message when your documents arrive and are entered into our reporting system.



Means what? Only 2 reasons and judgement can be made here. Either INTI missed my application, or the courier lose it.


IM SO FUCKED UP RITE NOW!!!!!!! Oh ya, my ipod just hanged when i was on the treadmill. I have to wait it to finish draining each and every drop of the power in it before i can on it back. God bless. =)







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30 10 2008

yum goongggg………….

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