Dream come True?

24 11 2008

After waiting for more than 1 1/2 yr, the dream finally came true. From the process of money transfering from the oversea > University application acceptance > Visa application. Finally everything has reach to the end and im rdy to leave. Phew… it seems like a short & simple procedure but i guess u will be into alot of hassle if u are doing this alone w/o the helping hand of others like me. (Proud of myself, CLAP! CLAP!) =D But of course credits to my fellow bastards & buddies in the US who had already been through all these sqeezing their brain juice to recall on what they did last time and guide me through everything. 10Q 10Q~~

To those who knew me, just to let u know that our beloved kenneth will be away for 2-3 years at least, and u wouldnt be seeing him within this period. Get ur fingers on the cell and start to text me to book an appointment for a final meet up before i left. Lol!! ya, i’ll be missing u people alot, especially my special 1 ( u know who u are). >.<”

Just 2 “action action” abit. Here im proudly present the United State’s VISA.






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