Summer 09

19 07 2009

Well, it has been quite some time that i didn’t drop by to this website and not to say entering new entries. As usual for those lame excuses that you peeps out there are expecting, yes and i’m gonna say it, “I’m busy recently ma, no time to update lo.” 🙂 What have i done in these 3 months since the last update? Im broke, I learned to cook more chinese cuisine, I flirt with girls, I tricked my friends, I cam-whored, I tri-boot my laptop with Vista, Linux and Mac, I got a bigger table, I mahjong almost 3 times in a week, I got bitten by bed bug almost everyday,  I badminton as usual, I paid for a new racquet, I celebrated my friend’s birthday, I dota, I got a new Clinique facial foam… (gasping) Yea, basically thats what i did for the past 3 months.




One response

19 07 2009

Cs likes what u did for the past 3 months!

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