Credits : Alan Chen Kee Loon

25 11 2009

Im dedicating this very special entry to 1 of my close friend that passed away recently. I hope that you can read this entry so much as there might have no chance for me to tell you anymore. Im sorry that i didnt do my job well for constantly consulting you as the Fall semester pass by; and i know everyone is busy with their studies and i certainly know that its isn’t an excuse for that. Like what ive always tell you, there are many more people out there who are far worst than you are having right now and as usual, u will reply me that it is you that are not doing the good job. Well, honestly speaking. I think you have done a good job no matter with what status you want to use. U did a great job as a son for give thanks to your parents that raise you for 22 years; as a friend, u take care of newbies that just arrived to the states and know nothing about the outside world; but you are too silly for insisting of doing it your own way for ending your precious life. As for me, i fail badly for a friend that didnt really noticed his friend is eventually facing a hard time throughout the semester. I didnt do my part well and im surely blaming myself for indirectly causing this. Perhaps, this might be a relief for you of loosen your hand for the heavy burden that u have been carrying it all the while. I will remember you as 1 of my close friend until the day i die. May you rest in peace.




One response

28 11 2009
old friend of alan

i think alan will be happy to know that so many people cared for him and misses him…he will live on in our memories…you take care…

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