20 06 2010

As i was saying, midterm, and you started to ask, “hey, have u started your revision for the coming midterm which falls on next Monday? ” well, it freaks me out and there is nothing that i can do but to face it. The funny question that came across my mind when i wanted to start my revision, “dude, what do you need to study?”. The midterm includes about 9 Chapters. The figure shows that there are quite a bit to study but i still have no idea what to study.


Credits : Alan Chen Kee Loon

25 11 2009

Im dedicating this very special entry to 1 of my close friend that passed away recently. I hope that you can read this entry so much as there might have no chance for me to tell you anymore. Im sorry that i didnt do my job well for constantly consulting you as the Fall semester pass by; and i know everyone is busy with their studies and i certainly know that its isn’t an excuse for that. Like what ive always tell you, there are many more people out there who are far worst than you are having right now and as usual, u will reply me that it is you that are not doing the good job. Well, honestly speaking. I think you have done a good job no matter with what status you want to use. U did a great job as a son for give thanks to your parents that raise you for 22 years; as a friend, u take care of newbies that just arrived to the states and know nothing about the outside world; but you are too silly for insisting of doing it your own way for ending your precious life. As for me, i fail badly for a friend that didnt really noticed his friend is eventually facing a hard time throughout the semester. I didnt do my part well and im surely blaming myself for indirectly causing this. Perhaps, this might be a relief for you of loosen your hand for the heavy burden that u have been carrying it all the while. I will remember you as 1 of my close friend until the day i die. May you rest in peace.

Summer 09

19 07 2009

Well, it has been quite some time that i didn’t drop by to this website and not to say entering new entries. As usual for those lame excuses that you peeps out there are expecting, yes and i’m gonna say it, “I’m busy recently ma, no time to update lo.” 🙂 What have i done in these 3 months since the last update? Im broke, I learned to cook more chinese cuisine, I flirt with girls, I tricked my friends, I cam-whored, I tri-boot my laptop with Vista, Linux and Mac, I got a bigger table, I mahjong almost 3 times in a week, I got bitten by bed bug almost everyday,  I badminton as usual, I paid for a new racquet, I celebrated my friend’s birthday, I dota, I got a new Clinique facial foam… (gasping) Yea, basically thats what i did for the past 3 months.

CNY 2009

31 01 2009

The feeling of not celebrating CNY in malaysia for the 1st year: Is it weird? CNY mood? Red packets? Friends? Parents? Relatives? Hmmm…. here i would say, its ntg special to be celebrating it either in Malaysia or in others places. The difference is, for the current year, im not celebrating it with my beloved dear. Previously, we use to drop by from 1 to another house for CNY visit, but unfortunately not for this year and i would say not for the next as well. But, as what i told u, as long as the heart is there, everything will be fine. =) Cheersss..

This year, i celebrated in a differnt way out of the 21 years i’ve gone through. 1st time having myself in the kitchen to prepare food and etc. Of course, im not saying im the 1 who did everything. Im just the minor part; slicing garlic and etc. Of course, i did cook 1 dish as a contribution of mine. Here i introduce my masterpiece. Hey, i got compliment for that okay? It doesnt taste as bad as u think.


My fried chicken =)

We did have 11 dishes in total but not everything can be shown in the photo as we had some problem with the table that day. =(


Everything is here except the “kong pou” chicken and “lin ngao” soup

After the fantastic meal, we had “drinking” session for a while. Is it really a while, i cant recall it correctly as im HIGH as usual on that day. Had quite a number of shots for the entire party / celebration. Did manage to get few shots with my new met female friends as well….


For more photos, please have a view at my facebook. Kinda lazy to reupload again + wasting resource. =D



Jan the 20th of 2009

21 01 2009

The date that show right up there will be 1 of the important part of my life; which is the day i back to school after a long period of time. Don’t ask me how long did i gone for a holiday as myself cant really recalls it either. Btw, everything is over and now im back to school. For people like me who had already been through study life and working life, i will probably know the way to differentiate the difference between the 2 choices.

Tomorrow will be the day which started the 3rd week of mine staying in the States. In the past 2 weeks, been to many of places, met different people around the globe, looking at different kind of living style compare to us in our country and i know i am ready to get aboard and cope with the living style here in the states.


Dream come True?

24 11 2008

After waiting for more than 1 1/2 yr, the dream finally came true. From the process of money transfering from the oversea > University application acceptance > Visa application. Finally everything has reach to the end and im rdy to leave. Phew… it seems like a short & simple procedure but i guess u will be into alot of hassle if u are doing this alone w/o the helping hand of others like me. (Proud of myself, CLAP! CLAP!) =D But of course credits to my fellow bastards & buddies in the US who had already been through all these sqeezing their brain juice to recall on what they did last time and guide me through everything. 10Q 10Q~~

To those who knew me, just to let u know that our beloved kenneth will be away for 2-3 years at least, and u wouldnt be seeing him within this period. Get ur fingers on the cell and start to text me to book an appointment for a final meet up before i left. Lol!! ya, i’ll be missing u people alot, especially my special 1 ( u know who u are). >.<”

Just 2 “action action” abit. Here im proudly present the United State’s VISA.



The day has com3~

15 11 2008


18th Nov 2008, the day which determines my future. If everything goes well, i’ll be leaving in early Jan.

Good luck~!